Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

hey dad
how are you doing. no letter this week but i have a feeling it snowed really hard or something and you being short on employees you are workin pretty stinckin hard wich i really do understand. but i definatly will write you a little letter. i already sent pictures but this week has been really good. we are working hard with investigators to get them ready for t here baptism on the 9th of march. there are about 9 people with a goal for the ninth and we will see how many are ready by then. hopefully all of them! haha they are mostly all refferals from other members and so they are all very impoverished. those seem to be the only kind of referals we get. but but there has been a real push for missionaries here to do more tracting of wealthier houses lately. because we are being taught that those are the poeple we need right now in madagascar and also we must remember that it is harder for a rich man to enter into the kindom of heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. so they need missionaries more than anybody. so we are really focusing on that. there is a transfer coming up this week wich will be exciting. it should be a pretty big one as many many missionaries have been in there areas for an extended amount of time. so i should get a new companion but we will see. there are also 10 new missionaries comeing in this week. one with the name of bates from cardston alberta!! do we have relatives in cardtson from the bates side that i dont know about. because one is on his way here. i know that orville bates is from there if i am not mistaken. who knows maybe ill get to serve with him. funny story for ya. yesterday night we got a taxi home and while getting into it i sat down and got a nice nail right into my bum! haha right through my new underwear! luckely i got the blood out of them and i can sew up the hole if needed but i have a pierced right cheek at the moment. haha always fun and keepin busy here. i hope your hanging in there in the cold! love ya!
be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

1. this is charline. she is washing my pants and shirt. why? because i fell in the mud and got really dirty. thank you charline.

2. miraculously they had a shirt from a past missionary anda fairly big pair of pants that they let me where home

3. a "slightly" drunk women bought me flowers! and just 2 days late of valentines day. im still counting it

4.madagascar transportation. theres a seat for everybody and even if theres not. we'll take ya. this man walked up with this beautiful french book of mormon from 1965! he tried to sell it to me. i told him it was priceless and to keep it and read it. he didnt really like my answer.

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