Friday, February 15, 2013

February 11, 2013

so you wanna know somethin. your letter was longer than lyndis this week... yup. thats like the second time since she gave birth. how great is that! now you can bug her about it hahaha.
most people would be throughn aback about the poverty in the world. not just in madagascar. and i remember you saying many times when we would wish for things 'or covet that of others. and you would say that there are many people who have it worse than we did. and i do remember that having quite a big affect on me even before my mission. and now being here i fully understand what you were saying. i look back at my childhood and look at all the things i had. they are countless. i tell people some of the activities we do ther eand they are mindblown.i was exctremely blessed as a child. and am still so incredibly blessed. i will go home in six months and get a vehicle. a home and schooling. and there is a way for me to get all of that. where as most people here cant even imagine driving. or going to school after there primaries are done. i was truely born in the land of promise to good my parents who gave me more than i needed. and i wish all could realize that. i got to go to the  mountains for a week every year. HOLY COW haha these are all things that run through my head daily. and i will never take one thing for granted ever again in my life.
haha good old police force. cant work with them but cant have a controled society without em.... can we really call gary steinke our friend?? haha  lol. hopefully he will handle it well.  hahaha it is very unfortunate the stubbornness and rudeness that the officer handling the situation especially when an emotional 17 year old girl is involed. i am sure he didnt make emily feel any better about the situation. and accidents happen. (to most people) ;) not me yet... hahah but to most everybody you get in a car accident. luckely albertans all gotta have a truck so the other guys vehicle wasnt damaged. but your not gunna pull this one out huh? i remember us hooking lyndis toyota to the telaphone post out front and showing that puppy whos boss hahah? but that s kinda hard to do in the winter time. and i still have no idea what kinda vehicle this new yorker is your talkin about. was it sitting in our yard when i left?? hahaha. but i am glad that emily is ok and agree that being out on the road again the same day is a little spoiled. she is lucky for being spoiled. so am i.
well to bad that that matt guy didnt take the offer you gave him though i am sure living with his grampa might help his grandpa feel the spirit that matt has with him. and it just might soften his heart. and hopefully you and doug can handle the work. how much were you paying adam??????? if you had to take on more jobs must have been a little. oh well. not to long and ill be back in the sadle! haha i love the work of the lord but my hands have gotten weak. i cant wait for the day when i can both strengthen my mind and hands at the same time. cause here i have learned how.
all these people going on missions is awsome!!!! and i will definatly write sydney a letter if you give me there adress. all though i could probably just send it to devon and the town is so small the post guy would still take it straight to their door hahaha. but seriously an adress would be nice. thats way exciting that she is going on a mission.
dr fairbanks!? he asked about me!? tell him i brush and floss 2 times a day everyday! and that my mouth is nice and pink! :) hahaha the only problm is that the toothpaste here lacks whiteness and i chipped a tooth a few months back on a rock in some of my rice hahahahha but other than that i am fine!!! and i have taken the irene challage so i will be back to par if not above par in no time. at least by the time i get home hahaha. so dont worry about my health lol. and tell dr fairbanks that if he ever decides to go on one of them dental missions or something there are plenty of teeth over this way to yank!  people start getting teeth pulled at 5 years old her  or even younger. its pretty sad. no dental hygeine at all. blech. but i did get sick this past thursday where my throat got sore and i got a fever and kinda weak but that went away friday. nd i am back on the road again. so blessings from the lord! haaha i love you and thank you for all you have given me. i did get the package of underwear along with lyndis package so thank you for that. and i really dont need anything else from here on in. so dont worry about sending me anything! i will gett it all in 6 months anyways.but thank you. new underwears  are soooo nice. i think i sewed every one of my last ones at least twice to keep them wearable hahha.

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates
1. so i got lyndis package!! elder rasoanivo really liked the mac and cheese. as did i!
2. the once spoken of package!

3. the walk way to my house. below is our landlords garage. we are up above

4.welcome to the tour folks. please keeps your hands and heads inside the vehicle at all times

5. as we walk into the house we find the kitchen directly to the left

6. and then as we return into the main room we see a beautifully made bed.

7. and as we look around what is this. oh to more beuatifuly made beds.

8.and now we make our way to the ever luggurious bathroom.

9.and then the panarama shot. yes it is just one room. 

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