Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012


how are you doing!? i hope confrence was great and filled you all with more knowlage and understanding of the things now and things to come. and what we must do to prepare for such things. i think it is incredible that they have changed the ages of allowence to go on missions form 19 and 21 to 18 and 19!!! that will open the door to so many people and give them all the opportunity to serve the lord. and it really shows us how we are in the last hour of this life here on earth. this will open the doors to so many more missionaries and its like we are giving it all we got in the last quarter of the game. and we can through as many players in as we want. i encourage ALL worthy bodied members to fill out there papers and become full time servents of the lord in spreading is great and eternal plan of the gospel of jesus christ to his children. we must again combine the house of isreal to builds christs kindom for when he comes again to earth to rein and rule in the millenium. and there is nothing more important than that. god will always come first in my life and should in all of our lifes. i cant wait for confrence to get here in a couple of weeks and i can bask in and learn from the words of the prophet and the twelve and the seventy and all other general authorities chosen to lead and guide us.

i will definatly keep grampi in my prayers as he gets respringed this friday. he will be bouncing to the moon before he knows it hahaha. and i hope nani gets better as well!! i just got over a cold. they are no good. mirary fahasalamana as we would say here. (get well)

i am sorry to here about your hunting trip going down the pits.... i was really excited to hear all about it but it seems that other forces were agains you and didnt want you to stay in that bush. and i am truely sorry to here about kevins wife. i hope everything with her will be ok and she can beat cancer. looks like hunting this year just isnt in the cards. and next year will be very busy for me so i doubt i will get to go much either hahaha. but i hope you had some fun out there riding around the quads and getting to see the outdoors. i dont think georges jacket is bright enough though. i bet he was still wearing that when he snuck up to that moose hahaha. and alex looked like he was pretty cold out there in that one picture. oh well. there will be time for that in the futrue. i am glad you made it home safely. .

so this week for me has been fairly slow in a sence. monday we took our companions to those big old jungle trees so that they could see them and then we ended up playing soccer with a bunch of kids for a while wich was way fun. i was in goal and i got beat!!! hahah some of those kids were pretty good and they were scoring on my left and right. then tuesday came along and one of the elders in our house got sick. he had diareha and it was quite clear after he accidentaly pooped while sitting on MY bed that he should stay home hahahahahaha. so we worked it out so that we could go on splits and so both areas could still get worked. and because my companion is still fairly new in country i felt it best for him to go out and work instead of sit at home. (remembering my early months of the mission) wich he willingly did. he is great and has a great spirit of work. consiquentaly the sick elder didnt end up getting better untill friday. so i stayed with him and looked after him that whole time. and then on friday he came to me and told me he was ready to work so me and my companion finally got to work together. then saturday came and the companion of the already spoken of sick elder got sick.... hahah but my companion was also feeling a little under the weather so he opped to stay home and i went out and worked with a young man from our branch named florent. he is very dilligent and was baptised not even a year ago but has plans to serve a mission in december. saturday night my companion became even more ill and ended up going to bed early. sunday came around and he was still not better so i went to an hour of church to partake of the sacrament and organize our 2 baptismal interviews happening that day and then went home to take care of him and allow the other companionship in the house to go to church and to work. so it would seem that i didnt do much. but given this opportunity i took time to read, ponder, and pray. and i have learned many great invaluable lessons. i have greatened my understanding of how to interact with people and teach people. and how to better lead as well. i had the opportunity to read quite a bit in the history of the church in the fullness of times and greatten my understanding of the early saints and our early ancestors and what incredible impact the had in the coming forth of the church. and i have started to read the new testiment in malagasy wich has proven to be rewarding. i read about the two men coming up to the savior desiring to serve him and the one asked for a week or so to burry his brother and christ said to him "let the dead burry there dead. come and follow me" to many this might seem morbid and unconsiderate but i have come to understand that christ had at that time a greater understanding of the great plan of salvation than the other man. and that above all things the one think we must do is follow christ. we must be completely submissive to his word. just as abraham. and these are the things i have learned and pondered in the past week. we have 3 baptisms this upcoming week wich i am very excited for. i hope you all have a great week and take time to ponder those great words of our general authorities. travel safely to regina and know that i may not be there in body but i will be there in a spirit of pray and thanksgiving to the lord.

be fitiavana mandrakizay
your son and friend
elder bates

sorry. not many pictures this week do to the fact i was confined to the walls of our house.

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