Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

hey dad! 

sickness happens quite a bit here. i have become quite acusstomed to it in my mission after workin in the office. but the sickness continued throughout this past week unfortunatly so i in consiquence did not get to work very much again.... but that is alright. there is a purpose for everything under the heavens. you just have to make the best of your time. and this has really helped my companion elder ludwig come out of his shell and become the best missionary he can be wich is great haha. and yes dad what your companion did was definatly not in acordance with the white handbook lol. tsy mainsty mandeha stiroaroa foana!!!! (gotta go two by two!) lol but thats alright. oh and in answer to your question. sorry i kinda forgot to answer it. but i want to go home and study business and possibly landscape arcitecture. that is what i think would be best for me. and what i plan to do. so i dont know what schools would be best for that. my prefference would be byu for sure but if there are better schools around the family then i would be fine with that. i know blaine is studying business at kings university collage. maybe that could even be an option. but my prefference would be byu. and i would want to go that fall semester right after i get back. no time to take a break. haha i wanna get right into school after my mission. but if thats not possible then the semester after that. in the end it really doesnt matter where i learn as long as i get into a school hahahaha. the actuall edcation part is the post important.grant mcewan or something could aslo be an opption. i wouldnt mind staying close to home either. i will have already spent quite some time away. 

so it sounds like you all had fun down in southern saskatchewan!!! wich is great to here. and its always nice to go and get hte time to visit with family and feel that unique loving bod that excists in a family!! 
so grampi is getting a bypass surgery now huh?? thats pretty crazy. we still dont know when exactly that is? i dont actually know to much about bypass surgeries. do there replace the artery or actually just bypass it with something else? the way i worded that questions seems to make the answer obvious but work with me here hahaha. i will keep him in my prayers for sure. 

so byu won nationals huh!? thats way freakin cool!!! haha might be a little hard for me to get on the team like that though.... my dreams may be crushed.... oh well. hhaa but we actually never play soccer on pdays. we just had an opportunity last pday to play with some random kids for a couple minutes. lol. it was fun. so we endd up baptising 2 of the 3 people planed for baptism because the mother of the one boy didnt allow him to. she doesnt think he is mature enough yet because he has a hairstyle and plays soccer..... so that was a little disheartaning but now she is interested in coming to church and such so hopefully solething good comes of it. and i would send you pictures but the computer i am on wont allow me... i am sorry and will send pictures next week. they people who got baptised are nirina soa donares and rajafindrakoto falinantenaina nicot. haha have fun pronouncing those!!!! i am pretty good at it. my companion got the privalage of baptising the really long one and i baptised the shorter one. it was great. and we also got a really great new investigator named luciano who is aweosme!!!! he prayed at the end of the first lesson and i have never heard so much senserity in someone so new to our lessons. he has great questions that invite real conversation wich is rare here. it swas sweet. the only problem is that he works for a beer company......... so we will see how that gos hahaha. but other than that nothing really new with me. thanks for your love and your picures and everything. i appericiate everything you do for me. try and get me into a school but i cant focus on that while i am out here so i am counting on you. and if you cant then dont worry about it really it will all work out in the end if i trust in god and serve him before anything else. 

be fitiavana mandrakizay 
elder bates

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