Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012


well it has been another week in madagascar. and quite a long one if you ask me haha. but sounds like you guys are having a blast back at home wich is great. i lvoe hearing all about the things you are all doing and how it all is. and the contrast to life here. and i can definatly understand why you miss full time mission life. its awesome. i am definatly excited to see what my next stage in life will be like but i can wait a little longer haha. i am almost to my year mark in country wich is way weird. it feels like i dont have long enough here. but thats alright. haha im sure yall wouldnt mind if i extended right?? lol just kidding. we will see about that when it gets a little closer.

so youve left for the hunt eh?? thats exciting. if you dont send me pictures from that imma be upset... hahha thanks for the pictures of my little plaque by the way!! thats pretty cool. do i get to keep that after the miss? thats still my favorite scripture to. but be sure to lett me know all about the trip!!

sounds like you alls are having a blast with the family. it seems that the little game of scaring one another in our family has greatly increased since i was home a year ago... hahaha its like every letter you have some story of scaring someone lol. and that you are starting to go to great lengths to do it hahahah. though i am sure it was extremely funny to catch colter in "all is glory". how much does a quart of wood go for in lethbridge? is it more expensive i guess if colter thinks he can make a 300 dollar proffit? i guess ther isnt much down there for fire wood.

hahah oh i think i already have cabelas penciled in for very soon after i get back. heck i might go there for my first date... i think i would be romantic.

haha sounds like you have been busy getting stuff ready to go. i have always been amazed at how much you can seem to get done in one day. you always seem to be moving and working wich has tought me a very valuable lesson. so thank you for that.

oh and i would like to give a big old happy birthday shout out to my brother bevan!!! how old is he now like 30? hahahaha better get workin on those kids.... you dont wanna be an 80 year old man kickin you last kid out the door.... haha just kidding aroud happy 28th birhtday.

so i am doing really well. having a ton of fun here in madagascar. me and my companion get along great and he even talks alot more now. wich is awesome! and its cool that mckell knows one of his buddies from the byu! speaking of byu nobody has told me much about if they are trying to apply there for me or not. just curious....... hahaha cause its against the rules for me to apply i think. mission wise anyways. but this week was definatly interesting and i have learned a ton. we worked hard and had to deal with some sickness for a day and a half so that took some time out of our schedual. but we also had some really good times with alot of people. hopefully they hold up there end of the deal and complete there commitments. haha. but i taught my first muslim this past week. his name was mister said and he was extremely nice. i learned alot about the muslim religion that i didnt know and we even have a return apointment with him. though he doesnt seem like changing is an option at all he respects us for what we do and our values. he said to me that he let us in because he saw us going around teaching about god and was impressed with how we didnt even have a girl or went to bars or anything but we were always polite to people and trying to help him and that is why he let us in. we had a descusion and he was way nice about everything. we will go back again and give him a book of mormon. that was a cool point in the week. and the work is still going strong and i love it. thanks for all your support and love and be sure to tell me all about the trip!! hahaha

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

mmmmmmmmmm my favorite meal. rice and beans

so i saw this flower i thought emily would really like call me a photographer

this path was about as wide as my shoulders...... litteraly.

something else i saw i thought emily would like. it was in my food. mmmmmmm my second facorite meal.

Me lookin good

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