Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012


well good for amiee orr! haha i hope the guy is great! so many people getting married! james too huh!? haha when did that happen. i hope he is happy. thats good. so five mexicans at church huh!? that must have been eventfull. and i am sure nice for you to refresh your spanish! and you get to eat dinner with them thats way cool! do thy live out on the tree farm by oldacs or something? i would assume thats where jack payne would but a couple trailers for them. i thing deanna was working ther for him for a while as a cashier or something. haha but thats nice of you guys to give them a nice meal!

and work keeps going... hahahah sounds like a fun time. i hope both of them are hard workers who appriciate a good job. it is really hard to find that these days. but they are both older men so it might be diffrent. even here in madagascar where money is very short men are very lazy and use what litle money they have to buy a little beer. because beer is cheeper than water here. sad right. oh but hey. remember that day i told you i wasnt so sure i wanted to take over your business after i got home? well i have been thinking quite a bit about that and i think i might reconsider. but that isnt important right now. just a thought. and a nother thought i had was about the school situation. again not important and i really dont think aboutit to much but i really do want to go to byu. i dont know if you all are still looking into that for me or not but if you could that would be awesome! maybe to get a degree in business and biolagy. if you could look into that again.   that would be awesome!

ya for school and seminary!! haha i wish i would have paid more attention in seminary and really got full of enlightenment. so you can make sure to tell emily i said that. its worth it. and i am sure you are happy mom is home. she said something about eating at costco everynight?? hahahaa i kinda guessed it.

kensey and her husband are up there huh?? thats fun. that would be way cool to catch a sturgeon out of the northsaskatchewan and see a real live dinasour. hahaha but i am glad she didnt fall in lol. tell them i say hey if they are still up there. that will be way fun to go on the week trip to fox creek with kevin and george and colter. i really enjoyed that trip alot. even though i was with a bunch of old farts hahahahahaha. be sure to buy a bear tag. we could of had one. lol

ok so i will tell you about myself. sorry if my emails havent been up to par lately..... i havent been taking alot of pictures and things just seem the same to me so i dont have alot to write about.... but i am doing really good. we have 2 baptisms for saturday and alot planned for november. i thing 9. wich is great. my companion elder ludwig is from saltlake city and is the prodagy for organ players. he has already finished 2 years at byu and he is incredible with any kind of instrument with white and black keys. and the penny wistle hahahah. he is a great guy great heart. i got in trouble for killing a spider hahahah. so i cant talk about huntin much with him but thats alright. we talk about music instead. this week wasnt to eventfull. i stayed home tuesday with a sick missionary and elder ludwig went out and worked with a boy from our ward. he did awesome. he is already way good at malagasy and it helped with his confidence. then we went through the schedual all week teaching and trying to help people come closer too and really understand christ and god our heavenly father. it has come to my attention in the past couple weeks that desire is something lacking in the lives of many people. and then the second thing lacking is knowlage. in this day and age people dont really have a desire to truely know god. they are content with what they have. to be content is to be lazy i feel. in one definition. and it is really weighing on my mind lately. but i do love the work and i love it when you see people gain that disire and that knowlage. and i will continue to work hard! love you all!

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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