Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 4, 2013

dear dad.
the camera is a little bit of a bummer but not to distapointing. i have over a thousand pictures saved on cds from my first year and a bit. so that is a blessing. and i sent many home from tamatave. and i already have a new little fuji film thing that works great. i will send some pictures next week. and the tracting is going good! i am also very adiment about asking for refferals so we are getting blessings. we have return apointments for this upcoming week and we will see how they go! :) but our schedual is still very open for door knocking.  which i acctiually really enjoy!
feno is a great guy haha. he comes with us every day! and now even teaches with us. i cant ly though he reminds me alot of dallin. so i love being around him.

that  must be nice that there was no real snow fall for you guys up in edmonton but that capital reagion keeps you busy! those gravel spreders sound like a task! its a good thing oyur so handy though. people in the mission tell me i am handy. i guess you rubbed off on me! hahaha poor colter though with the big dump he got... hahaha that sucks! nice thought of you though to go down and help him. to bad the roads are closed off.
i bet going and listening to kokapelli was joyus! they sing such nice music and i am very jealous. and i cant imagine the party at the church with out laughing. a bunch of 40 blus dancing to a live band. kinda spells highschool reunion. but i am sure it was way fun to visit.
i love that quote from president snow so much that i wrote it in my planner. that is awesome. i have found that i have also learned that concept through out my mission. the lord will make all the experiences in our life good unto us if we have the right intent and try with all our hearts. what a great blessing that is. i am doing great and working hard. a little home sick lately wich is hard but everything will come with time i just have to focus on doing the best i can at what i am doing now. wich is the most important work in the world. i remember you telling me while we were working together once that you wish to serve a mission with mom again. that was a while ago. but i am so glad that you still have that desire. because ever since that day you told me that right before i left on my mission i have wanted to help you to do that. so i hope that you seriously plan on it and know that i am willing to do anything to help you make it a reality when i get home. its better to do it while you are younger than when your older. you might want to start looking into it. it truely is the best thing in the world. i love you and am so incredibley greatful for all the principles you have taught me in this life. i love this gospel and will for the rest of my life.

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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