Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

hey dad! 

so 8 pictures have been sent for you seeing pleasure! i hope you like it!!! paiges talk sounds soo good! i am so glad she decided to go on a mission! she will work miricles for the lord. all who go on a mission will. i am glad that you can find comfort in the talks from the ensign. the last liahona we got was november haha so by the time this months gets here i might be home already but that talk sounds ver inspirational fro the quote you gave me. i am glad. i pray every day for all those in our family who have stepped of the path to have a desire to return to the gospel. the cat doesnt think about how hard it is to climb up the tree. though straining on his muscles he still climbs for the fun of it. then finaly reaching the branch he saw he realizes how he cant get back down and starts calling for help. so are we as humans. where we dont think of the consiquences of our decisions untill we cant get down from that tree of sin on our own. then we must all call to the lord for help. every knew shall bow and talk shall confess. we shall all call for help one day. but how great our reward in heaven if we call now.. christ stands fully prepared to catch us and hep us.
mom and you both talked about how much deep cleaning you have been doing lately! that is pretty nice i am sure! and having the office upstairs will be a pleasure! the basement shall be all mine!!!!! mwahahaha. how exciting i am for that! mom told me she was very suprised when she found you deep cleaning the garage! whatch as you are gunna need something next week that you just chucked hahahaha. then youll laugh. you gotta hate those monkeys on your back though. i find the best way to get a monkey of your back is to show him a banana and through it really far. itll keep him occupied for a while.
i dont think i will really overcome the homesickness bug till i am home. but thats alright. i can work with it. i just miss my family. i have realized through this experience how important the family truely is in our lives and how eternal it can be. and i wanna go back to that hahaa. but i love this work more and that is why i stay. and for that god will bless my family. and that is what i pray for. this week has been full of blessings as we continue to tract and hunt down the chosen of isreal. we invite all to come unto christ. as we have started tracting we have been blessed. the very first day of tracting the very first house let us in. and not only let us in but listened so intently to the leson. and then as we visited they had more family over to hear our message. they also comitted to prepare for baptism and came to church. it is a true miracle from god that i will never forget. i have been reading the talks from november general confrence and president monsens talk about counting the blessings. its so great to see all the lord does for us. i shall always serve god over anything else. and i thank you for teaching me to do that. i love you.
be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates 

 this is desiree and his family. one of the coolest guys i know. desiree is the one to my left. feno is to my right. 

 sitting waiting for someone and got bombarded by kids. way cute
 i promised them i would send the picture over the seas haha. for all the world to see. they liked that 

 this is a new elder in the mission. his name is elder bates.......... haha no joke. he is from soda springs utah. we might want to see if we have relatives there. 

 mmm rice
these are members who gave us food. they are really nice people

me hard at work. 

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