Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 21, 2012

hey fam/the world (thats right, the whole world reads my emails)

haha austen gave his fairwell?? thats way cool. i bet the church was just packed with people for that kid. does he enter this wednesday or next? 

im sure things have been quieter since lyndi and kasper left! but im sure you all miss them. haha and i was sad to inform lyndi that i was the one who polished off the rubarb cake..... she will just have to wait till next time i quess!! hahahahaha no but seriously its not funny guys..... its just a hormonal thing. seriously stop laughing, ok that enought. no seriously..... haha ok so i guess its pretty funny... hahahahahaha but im not going to lie i think it would be funnier to watch dad try to run afer that walk behind....... seeing as its been a while since ive actually seen him run........ bahahahahhahahaha i would have rather seen that than lyndi crying over cake. i would cry to if all the rubarb cake was gone. that stuff is just to dang good! but seeing my dad chase down a tractor would have been priceless!!!!! lol 

emily seems busy as ever. wich im sure is adding some uneeded stess to here life... breathe in;;;;; breath out..... hahahahha i love you emily! hang in there. 

dallin and colter both send me pictures of there chuman fos! haha i am a little jealous i cant join them in growing one. because lets face it. i dont think it would fill in quite as good hahaha

but things with me here are good. i am jdoing alot of less active work right now because there are a lot of less actives and not many houses to tract or refferalls coming in.... but me and my companion are actually about to drive to antananarivo for a zonleader training tomorrow so that should be exciting seeing as i havent been there for about 5 months haha. itsll be weird but hopefully my package will be there in the office!! along with some long awaited letters. but we will see. 

but thats about all i can think to write about. i love you all. thanks mom for the scriptrues! 

be fitiavana mandrakizay


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