Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Letter to Dad/ the Family: hey family how are you!!! sounds like life there is cold and fun. life here is cold as well comparitavle in madagascar. i am in the mountains of madagascar. antsirabe is quite cold. but nothing compared to there. hahah so life back at home sounds pretty usuall other than emily working so much lol. soory my email wont be very long this week. im holding everybody back from luch. but i will tell you all about my new area and i will send pictures newt week. so i am in the manandona area. it is the biggest area in the mission. huge. it goes all theway from the south end of antsirabe to the city of ambositra. its about 90 km in total. so from like edmonton to vegraville. and its all mountainess. we dont have a car so we ride bikes all over the mountains. my legs hate me hahaha. i havent riden a bike since i was like 15..... so y butt is pretty purple from the seat. but i am going to get way skinny which is exciting hahaha. i just have to eat healthy and it will be a good skinny. so my new companion is elder robinson and he is a great guy. he is a dilligent missionary and a hard worker. our hous is tiny and sucky haha i will be sure to take pictures. but i really cant write much more this week im sorry. i will be sure ti be more detailed next week.   be fitiavana mandrakizay   elder riley bates Letter to Lyndi: hey lyndi! how are you§? im glad your life is pretty much going good. i cant write a huge leter this week but i still want to tell you a little bit. its way cool that kasper is poopin on the toilet ahha. he isa genius.i know it. and my companion elder robinson is awesome. he is a dork but so funny and easy to get along with haha. oh andi forgot to tell dad in my short email to him but all four  packages are here in mada and i should get them on i am excited for that! haha. lets see. so the house i am in sucks. it is dirty and small and old lol. but thats fine. we are actually moving to a new hosue in 2 weeks but its even smaller than the other. i am going to send pictures of everything next week. so letts see. ya i am in manandona the biggest area in the mission and its in the mountains and stuff so we just teach a bunch of very unejucated people.most cant read. but they know how to mke rice and are very excepting of the gospel. i love it. i am dead every night form the work but i love it. having a good companion is like night an day. it really does make things easier. but i need to go so i will write youmore next week. so sorry. oh i also forgot to say in my other email but i baptised a man in a place called ibidy. i will send pictures of that next week. it was in a pond and i got stuck in the mud hahaha.  be fitiavana mandrakizay elder riley bates

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