Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 16, 2012

Alright so Dad and I (Lyndi) both got emails this week, and I will share bits from each. So enjoy.

Letter to Dad:

hey dad! haha dont feel bad about a short email its fine. my emails are pretty short lately as well. sounds like youve had a pretty slow winter though. must be nice for a change! i watched videos on the church website alot while in the mtc ( partly cause it was one of the only entertaining things to do) but there are alot of good ones on there worth watching. i think ive seen them all now though ahha. im glad moms birthday went good and everything. oh ya! so i know that i have one package here in madagascar somewhere!!! hahaha its at some post office and the driver rougie is sopposed to go pick it up. and i got a transfer to antsirabe which is 2 hours south of tana. my new companion will be elder robinson and he is in the group ahead of me so hes even younger than my first companion haha. its going to be interesting but ill handle it just fine. itll be nice to get a change in senory. 

i cant even believe ive been on my mission 5 months now. soon ill be a quarter done. it really is kinda flying by. days melt together. i dont even know the date lost days. i just know that i work then on monday i email haha. i forgot it was my birthday tomorrow till i got all these emails reminding me. a birthday is really that important anyways. not on a mission anyway. i was never one for birthdays hahaha. i am glad i am not there though this year considering last year on my birthday was the biggest blizzard and i had to work for like 21 hours that day. haha no fun. 

its been cold hear the past couple weeks. depressing to cause its been cloud cover. we never saw the sun for a week and a half. it was raining alot and cold. haha and by cold i mean like 15°c but it made me want to wear a sweater.

i love you tons and hope everything at home works out geat for you. i pray for you guys all the time and know that the lord watches over you. i will tell you more about my new area next week. im just excited for a change. i have a feeling its not going to be any easier than my last companionship. but im not worried. the lord had tested my patience all throughout my mission. he wants me to learn something. maybe i still havent learned it. im always trying to be open minded tough. im not to worried. i love you and am so greatfull for all you have taught me throughout my life. i wouldnt be the man i am today without you as my father. id be like some other dude and well thats just not what i would have wanted haha. 

be fitiavana mandrakizay

Elder Riley H Bates

Letter to Lyndi:
hey lyndi!! how the heck are ya!? sounds like youve had a pretty good week which im glad for. i got your birhtday card!! and i got moms envelope with all the letters from the christmas party! aparently it was a great party cause thats all anybody talked about but like all the stickers!! haha especially the my little poney ones. definatly suites me. ive always wanted a my little poney. turns out i got like 50 of them. pretty lucky right? im thinkin of reusing some of the onces cause i got like full pieces of paper full of just stikkers. hahahaha. and i dont think im gunna be getting any cake hear. i dont have any big plans for tomorrow. my birthday was never really that important to me haha. but it is your aniversory! its mine to though cause thats what they call birthdays here in madagascar. so its ny aniversariko tomorrow. 

turns out i got a lengthy letter from dad and a shorter one from dallin emily and mom. its wasa nice week for letters. mom uses her i pad alot it seems haha, i think its funny. mom with an ipad. staring at if for like 10 minutes just to find the email ap then pushing the letters very methodically one by one till he email was done. all the while emily hovering over her telling her what to do and where to do it and mom getting all scrunchy faced and annoyed hahahaha. it makes me laugh to think about it.

...a mission is a huge decision. its really the first decision in an lds boys life that he has to make on his on and it means something. the choice we make weather to go or not changes our lifes. and the mission is always the best choice even if you dont stay out for the whole 2 years. you learn so much no matter what. 

i think going to utah would be really fun and its a simpler trip to make than going somewhere crazy haha. car shoping is fun! get a minivan! get a hummer! get a TRUCK hahahhahahahaha get another motorcycle and have a bike trailor manufactured for carseats and just pull the kids behind the bike! im a genius. i really am. ahaha seriously though fun times im sure. holy cow lyndi kasper is a smart kid! i hope since you and colter both have these like genius babies that i will too. especially if colter can concieve a child as smart and talented as that hesston. it shouldnt be to hard for me ;) hahaha kidding. seriously though smart kid. im inpressed. and im excited to get that package. looks like shoes. i like shoes hahahaha. 

ya im 20 tomorrow here. that makes me pretty old. but it makes you older.... hahhahahaha sucker!!!!!!!!what are you like 60 now. or just 23. i cant remember. hahaha just kidding. age doesnt matter anymore. once you hit the 20's peoples attitudes change slightly. theres a curse with that would teen. haha but life here is good. im tired and stressed and lonely and questioning alot of things but its good. ive never thought so clearly in my life and i know the lord just wants whats best for me. i got transferd to antsirabe 2 hours south of tana and i leave on thursday. itll be a nice change. i love you with all my heart and pray for you always

be fitiavana mandrakizay

elder riley h bates 

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