Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 14, 2013

hey dad!
so emily owes you a dollar... make sure you collect! hahhaa just kidding aza miloka!!! (dont bet!) lol but seriously. id get that dollar if i were you. i live in manakambahiny wich translates to stranger barakade or block. its on the edge of antananarivo to the east. lots of rice feilds and also lots of city. the area i am in is huge! i think its the bigest in tana. my companions name is rakotonjanahary benza. he is awesome. great guy with a really calm spirit he brings with him everywhere. he is going to turn 23 this year. i am the youngest elder in my house. but have been the longest on a mission. i am elder rakotonjanahary's second companion. his first companion was a malagasy so its kinda different. though i am pretty much malagasy anyways... i eat rice 3 times a day. hahaha. and i do my laundry!!!!!!! haha turns out that when you work in a 3rd world country, you get a little dirty. i really do try to keep my closed clean... but its dificult.
hahaha business is the same old same old. 2 or so years ago me and dallin had the other 97 brake down on us! but from st albert to spruce grove and not the other way. luckely for you guys it was just the alternator though. when it was me and dallin the dang header cracked and we had a nice antifreeze oil coctail... hahaha i forced that thing to spruce grove and there it stopped. doug and his wife sure do go to mexico alot! lucky for them haha. sounds like adam is working hard though which is good. and what kinda truck did you buy for 4500? is it another 03 chevy hahah.
woo hoo rugby!!!!!! hahahah i wish i was there to see it all go down! but i am doing something pretty important! hopefully school can work out for her and she can graduate so that she can do all the things she wants to do.
the bird was tame (in last weeks pictures). they had clipped its wings and things. quite a few people in tamatave have them actually cause martins are all over the place there so the kids will snare them and then they become a pet....
there are over 200 kids in the orphanage and its n international orphanage called s.o.s and they do not do adoptions. they give the kids a place to live sleep eat andlearn so they can become an influence to there own communtiy. they leave when they are ready. usually when they are about 21-25 years old. its a pretty cool thing. its a good thing its not run by the malagasy government either cause it would be alot less quality it is sad to say but true. 
so fifty years huh? meh. hahaha that is pretty dang rediculous! you might think getting old is a bad thing but thing of it this way. your one year closer to heaven. congradulations on turning fifty years old this saturday!!!! woo ho you will have to have a big praty. i will be celabrating it by seeing three people get baptised!! :D oh how exciting this weekend is.
so i am doing great! i live with malagasys i work with malagasies andi eat with malagasies and i couldnt be happier! haha rice three times a day! whats better than that! i will have more to write tomorrow but i think thats all for this week. i love you and hope you are haveing a great time!
be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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