Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011

hey famly and friends!

how are you all?, i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Chistmas here is very diffrent because theres no family and its extremely hot haha. so it was kinda weird. ok so it was really wierd but thats alright haha. i did get to talk to my family on the phone yesterday wich was very nice. i do need to tell my sister Robyn and my brother in law Bevan that i love them tons and that they are always in my prayers and thoughts. because the phone died before i got a chance to say goodbye to them. and the power was out in our house so i couldnt chard the phone. but i didnt enjoy getting the opportunity to talk to everyone. however Christmas is a short holiday here and today its back to normal life for all the malagasy people haha. its like it never happend. i miss you all so much and thank you for your support.

lets see not much happend this past week. Monday i took the new missionary into tana to get some things done for him. his name is Elder Landon and he is a very nice guy. very excited to work which is nice. he is from Las Vegas city so he is used to this heat already haha. i am just starting to get used to it. Tuesday we did splitts and worked all day tracking. it was pretty good. the rest of the week was pretty slow. just getting ready for Christmas. people dodnt really want to learn very much so we didnt get many times. this week will hopefully be better. there isnt much goin on here so there isnt much to tell you really. love you all tons and hope to here from you soon

be fitiavana mandrakizay

elder riley bates

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